Budget Information For Forests- Do You Like This White River NF Format?

Following our discussion of forest budget figures, I remembered a forest (the White River) which produced an annual report with budget figures. So here it is from 2010white river annual report 9. It is on page 9 of the annual report.

I extracted it from the annual report and converted to a jpg for the image above.
Here is the pdf of the extracted page.

What do you think of the amount of information and the way it’s portrayed? Would you like to see more or less? Or a different format?

Here is a link to the complete White River 2010 Report.

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  1. I like the summary, if a person wants more details they can dig in further. The public can easily see what was spent and what was collected by resource area. For instance,the money spent on range management vs what was collected from grazing is easy to see.

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