• Steve, I don’t, sorry. I’m not sure but will guess that it was largely/mostly lodgepole, probably with heavy beetle kill, probably most of those trees in the “gray” category (needles already fallen) since the FS notes that the beetle infestation has come and gone in this watershed (2012 data: 0% MPB infestation). Probably some other conifer species and mixed understory/regen, likely some downed timber in various stages of decay. The quality of the photos I posted isn’t very good, here’s a reference to the source which has more photos of the general area, and also an interesting video that I don’t think is particularly slanted one way or the other. http://helenavigilante.com/archives/12918

    • This is from Derek:

      Just cruising the “Clancy Unionville” on Google Earth. I’m guessing this is where Guy’s photo was taken…probably scarified skid trail (eventhough there are several scarified temp roads on project). Anyway…I always love using the “clockface” feature on the toolbar to flash back and forth between now and 20 years ago. Rather fascinating that the “clearcuts” in the 95 photo…are now quite green and forested in the 2013 photo.

      clancy unionville-2013

      In fact, even to the untrained eye they look like photo negatives of each other (there is an expression for this, but clearly I’ve forgotten it).

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