Sign of the Times?

Funny seeing an “8 in 1 Survival Kit” advertisement on a ‘climate warrior’ gloom and doom website. The advertiser specializes in “Outdoor and Urban Survival”. A list of what is in there makes me laugh. 1) LED flashlight (No mention of batteries) In a climate emergency, batteries will always be available, eh? 2) Heavy Duty …

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Post-Election Thoughts About Our Forests?

With a new Republican President and a Republican-controlled Congress, how will this affect the Forest Service and the BLM? Regarding the picture: I did some processing with a High Dynamic Range (HDR) program to get this artsy view. It is interesting that it enhanced the flames better than in the original scan, from a Kodachrome …

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Places Worth Protecting

Twin Lakes, near Bridgeport, California, hasn’t been intensely developed, solely because of its remote location. There are clusters of private cabins. The terrain would make for an outrageous ski area but, it is too far out of the way to be successful. So, the best use of this land is to preserve it. My Instagram:

Watchdog: Forest Service mismanaging forest fire risk

“The Forest Service also seemed to be guilty of double and sometimes triple-counting the amount of land it treated without making that clear in reports to Congress.” According to the Aug. 16 report, the inspector general said the Forest Service has no consistent process for identifying where wildfire fuel should be removed, doesn’t use …

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Unfair Forest Service Hiring Practices: The Continuing Saga

Added to all the other ones! Here is the whole shameful story! Amidst active contract negotiations, and after months of urging the U.S. Forest Service to end flawed hiring practices that limit who can apply for jobs in the Agency, NFFE Exposes Shameful Hiring Practice by the U.S. Forest Service Amidst active contract negotiations, and …

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