Examples of Broken Links

One of our problems to be addressed on the blog was that if a post referred to “ncfp.wordpress.com” it didn’t automatically change to “forestpolicypub.com”. I know examples are out there, but I couldn’t find one through a couple of searches. Does anyone have examples I could point to when trying to get them fixed? Thanks!

Blog Improvement Prioritization Input Wanted!

Bob put this as a comment, but as draft prioritization it deserves its own post. PS Thanks to everyone who contributed to our Blog Improvement Fund. So far as a needs priority committee is concerned, that was my virtual intent with the “What’s Wrong With this Website?” post. Some of those concerns have been addressed, …

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Fixing the Blog- the Limits of the Blanche Dubois Model

So far (almost 4 years to the month) we have run this blog based on the “Blanche Dubois” business model- depending on the “kindness of strangers.” It has been a great thing; I have asked for financial contributions toward the hosting service, and so far I have received nothing from anyone. We agreed to not …

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SAF Convention- Sharon’s Blog Break

I will be off the blog until October 30th for the SAF Convention and schoolwork. Bob Zybach has generously volunteered to keep things going, in terms of posts you might want to send for publishing as well as mediating any disputes. His email is zybachb_at_nwmapsco.com. It seems like people may be crankier lately (photoperiod?) and …

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Some NCFP Blog History and Philosophy

Folks asked for my opinion on these topics, and we have new folks (which is good!) since we started in 2009, so here goes: This blog was specifically started to have discussions between academics and practitioners. Therefore, any claims can be brought here, peer-reviewed or not. Part of the point is to look at the …

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