Colloquium on national monuments

To Shrink or Not to Shrink? Presidential Authority Over National Monuments Monday, November 20, 2017 University of Denver Sturm College of Law, Room 165 6:30pm – 8:30pm This year’s Carver Colloquium will debate the ability of standing presidents to diminish or abolish national monuments created by past presidents. The authority to expand national monuments has …

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Giant Sequoia National Monument

With the general public becoming enraged about Giant Sequoia logging scenarios, here is a picture of some Bigtrees in what used to be the Sequoia National Forest. Chances are, the review will recommend keeping all groves within the Monument, adding some buffer zones and connectivity, then returning a large portion, including logging roads, skid trails, …

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Trump Reportedly Wants to Clearcut Giant Sequoias

As per the Sierra Club “Logging companies are lying in wait, chainsaws ready, for Trump to chop the protections of Giant Sequoia National Monument. Don’t let Trump give loggers free reign to fell majestic trees. Become a monthly donor to save this precious ecosystem: ” Leave no funding opportunity left unexploited!

Zinke Proposes Co-Management with Tribes on Bears Ears

This is an AP story from the Colorado Springs Gazette here: Zinke, a former Republican congressman from Montana, said he wants to make sure Native American culture is preserved and said Congress should approve legislation granting tribes legal authority to “co-manage” some of the Bears Ears site. “I have enormous respect for tribes,” Zinke said, …

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Monument Designation Trumps 12 Year Process for Trail in Bears Ears

Two weeks too late… I think that this is a sad story. I understand both sides of “not wanting more ATV trails” and “wanting to connect existing trails” and especially “getting ATV’s off other roads.” I get that “if there are hundreds of miles already within the monument, what’s six more?” and “if there are …

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Mind the Gap: Monument Review Via the New York Times

It’s interesting to see how folks outside the Interior West see things, as per this New York Times story. I think there are some gaps which we can try to fill in as this unfolds. Mr. Trump, signing the order at the Interior Department, described the designations as a “massive federal land grab” and ordered …

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Understanding the Legalities of National Monument Designation

I thought this was interesting in an NPR story here.. “More recently, with most large public lands protection bills stalled in Congress, presidents from Bill Clinton to George W. Bush and Barack Obama have used the act as a tool to protect sweeping amounts of federal land mostly in the West. President Obama’s late hour …

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