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This blog can be used to post  papers for review and discussion, including graduate student papers, on topics related to the blog. This gives you a chance to hear from practitioners how they see the hypotheses you propose and possible reasons for the results you find. It also gives practitioners a chance to see what academics are saying; many practitioners  are too busy to survey the literature- spanning as it does, environmental science, natural resource, policy and law journals.

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  1. My M.S. thesis for the Bioregional Planning and Community Design degree at the University of Idaho is focused on the efficacy of the CFLR Program. My research will use the a recently published book titled — Planning With Complexity: An introduction to collaborative rationality for public policy — by Innes & Booher, 2010.
    The link posted below will direct the reader to my new blog where I have provided a brief overview of the book; which I wrote for a class I’m currently attending. It is not intended to be a formal academic paper; consequently, the citations are pretty slim. However, it does provide a good summation of what I believe we should expect collaborations to strive for if they are to be effective.
    Any comments are welcome. Here is the link:

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