New Study About Forests Impacted by Extreme Mortality   Massive tree mortality has occurred rapidly in frequent-fire-adapted forests of the Sierra Nevada, California. This mortality is a product of acute drought compounded by the long-established removal of a key ecosystem process: frequent, low- to moderate-intensity fire. The recent tree mortality has many implications for the future of these forests and the ecological …

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Massive Crater Lake Wilderness Area Fantasy

Oregon Wild has proposed a massive half million acre Wilderness Area, partly to “protect” Crater Lake. The Klamath County Commissioners are saying no, with fears that summer fires would affect public health, and that those unhealthy forests need active management. Here is a map of what Oregon Wild wants done.

More Rim Fire Pictures

All too often, once a firestorm goes cold, a fickle public thinks the disaster is over with, as the skies clear of smoke. In the situation of the Rim Fire, the public hasn’t had much chance to see the real damages within the fire’s perimeter. All back roads have been closed since the fire was …

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Aspen Decline PNAS Study

There have been many stories about this but this one I could find easily: Drought May Be Causing Aspen Tree Die-Off Trees Developing Embolisms, Researchers Say Deb Stanley, 7NEWS Producer DENVER — A mysterious malady has killed off nearly one-fifth of Colorado’s aspens. But forest ecologists have struggled to explain the widespread die-off, known as …

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