Adaptive Co-Management- Exploring Our Future

Here are some links contributed by Lynn Jungwirth and her thoughts…

This, I think, is where we are going with forest planning efforts……. I think this is what TNC is doing with their Fire Learning Networks….creating learning networks. The Berkes article contrasts decision making collaborative with learning collaborative and puts them in the context of adaptive management….so now, the term is “adaptive co-management”. I think the jig is up in terms of thinking that there are natural systems and social systems……7 billion people puts us at eco-socio systems…..and these guys are trying to figure out what is emerging in terms of “bright spots” of success for that…

Here are the papers she sent, Cundill.and.Fabricius_2010_adaptive.monitoring and

Clearly landscape scale collaboration is the way to go.. as so many currently funded initiatives in the federal agencies would attest. They are almost too numerous to list.

It may take a while to read the above papers for all of us busy people, but I’d be interested in hearing from readers in the next few weeks.. which ideas do you think are the most key to have in forest planning (or in a forest planning rule) and why?

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