The Black Hills, Where East Meets West

It is no wonder that outdoor enthusiasts so treasure the Black Hills. Where else do western and eastern trees mingle, living in apparent harmony? Spruce, pine, birch, aspen and burr oak are some of the combinations. I shot these pictures while doing goshawk surveys. These are also available for free limited use.

This sure beats walking in manzanita or bear clover!

It is the wet areas that harbor the most biodiversity. Lush and green.

The higher elevations in the Spearfish RD have these spacious meadows. I ran across this old truck, abandoned long ago.

My best (photo) work is from National Parks. I have extensive amounts of pictures from Yosemite, Crater Lake, Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks. I’m currently building this Facebook fan page but, there are enough photos there now to keep you distracted for a while. If you like them, please “Like” Larry Harrell Fotoware. Thanks, and enjoy!

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