A Day at the Local Logging Museum Part 2

Next time I will have to explore the inside of the local White Pines Logging Museum. We do need to show the contrasts of old style logging, compared to today’s surgical style of thinning. In some parts of the country, railroad logging was impractical, due to steep and unstable terrain. In the Sierra Nevada, it was a challenge to find routes that powerful locomotives could climb (and descend!). Old railroad grades are considered to be cultural sites, and you can often find areas, along the tracks, where ancient trash was dumped. Some parts of old trestles still exist but, rails and ties were often removed and re-used.


Another collection of old and unusual chainsaws.


This one looks like it was heavy duty, in its day.


I’ll bet it was very important to strategically place the generator unit. I would think you would need about 300 feet of “extension cord”.



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