Closure and Rehabilitation of Temporary Roads

Here is a view of a temporary road used in a fire salvage portion of a green timber sale, on the Sequoia National Forest. The McNally Fire burned over 100,000 acres. Since this location is so remote, worries about vehicular entry are minimal. At the time, the logger and I thought these rocks would be adequate to block the road. I don’t think so, today. This was a temporary road before the fire, and there were some hydrological issues with re-using it. Of course, after a wildfire, the water table is recharged and new springs have popped up. It was very important that we laid out the restrictions and mitigations of its use. This is the result.


This view looks back down the road. You can see the waterbars and slash spread in between them. Even if the road is compacted, the water never gets a chance to gain erosive power. I’d bet that the road could be re-used again, when needed. The original road design wasn’t perfect but, I think there are very few impacts from us using it.


2 thoughts on “Closure and Rehabilitation of Temporary Roads”

    • The only thing I would add would be some seed of desired native forbs and grasses between the water bars. Then in a few years I’d set it all on fire and a year or so after that do a follow-up salvage/thin. Then go away for a long time. This road would be quick and easy to reopen when needed.


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