Blog Transfer Tomorrow

Don’t post anything after noon MT tomorrow because tomorrow is NCFP Moving Day.

When moving is done, I’ll send you a message giving you the new blog address, and we can go about our business.

For convenience and clarity for Virtual Book Club, I started a new WordPress blog just for VBC. Here’s the link
Remember this one is not changing over, so you can post on it anytime. The idea is to separate the Book Club from the rest of the goings on on the blog.

Thanks again to Eli for volunteering to move the blog! Donations to help support the fee for hosting ($118 this year) would be appreciated. Also, if anyone wants to recommend plug-ins or widgets, please send in your recommendations.

Thanks, everyone, for your patience. This blog is run by all volunteers, with no funding or administration. The plus side of this “business model” is we don’t spend time having board meetings. filling out financial documents, and asking people for money (tasks many of us don’t like to do). The downside is that things happen as people have the time, skills and interest to do them- that’s why your patience is appreciated.

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