Mountain Hemlock

Taking a break from the “fire and brimstone”, I bring you a large diameter specimen mountain hemlock, growing near timberline in the Minarets Wilderness, on the Inyo National Forest. It is pretty rare to see pure stands of mountain hemlocks. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Mountain Hemlock”

  1. We had a timber fire salvage sale high in the Cascades with lots of mountain hemlock in it.
    Nobody wanted it. Surely it is good for something. I thought it was Douglas Fir, big beautiful trees, not being familiar with the Alpine type forest. Fooled me anyways, always learning.
    But Sharon, you are so lucky to have all that rain.

  2. @stump
    Their droopy leaders always reminds me of Dr. Suess.

    Hemlock is lumped in with true fir, on USFS sales. I had a salvage sale that cut some mountain hemlock and western white pine, too. They sure didn’t want it, as it was small diameter. We had a policy of needing at least 800 board feet per helicopter turn. We often needed that hemlock volume to help build a turn. Their ability to bend, but not break helps them deal with avalanches and “snow creep”.


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