Forest Service New Digs in D.C.

Thanks to the Rocky Mountaineers retirees association for this one.

Sharon’s take: I spent many glorious years in the Yates building and it is a beautiful building. In fact, I worked on 4SW when the Holocaust Museum was being built…it warms the cockles of my heart that they strengthened that wall.

Here’s a song for my many friends in the Yates Building (and yes if anyone’s still in Rosslyn) (to the tune of “As Time Goes By”)

Commuting in a tube,
A cube is still a cube,
On that you can rely,
Your space will always tend to shrink
As years go by

5 thoughts on “Forest Service New Digs in D.C.”

  1. didn’t we move back in there more than a year ago? i was at the WO in February 2014 and it seemed like everyone was back in (with a lot less space than they had before they left)

  2. Nice (but still faintly familiar).
    Meanwhile, the agency blames the costs of litigation for not being able to do its job ………
    (Must not be many field folks on this blog willing to complain about ‘overhead,’ but somebody had to be a Scrooge.)

  3. Thanks for this post! I’d heard about the remodel but hadn’t seen any photos. I, too, spent 8 years there on different staffs. I love the new colors and many of the features, but geez, we had such little space before, now they even took the cubicles away. I could not figure out how to post a picture here but I have a postcard from 1909 showing the 4th floor when it was a printing press for Bureau of Engraving and Printing. My how things have changed.


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