Los Padres National Forest

While on an overnighter in Big Sur, I was amazed at how big some of these sycamores were. Even the old growth redwoods look pretty small, compared to these giant hardwoods. The leaves are about as big as your hand, so there your frame of reference. These trees are actually within the Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park.


While there are some recreation facilities along Highway 1, they are fee areas. In many of those places, there are wide spots in the road, where it is easy enough to just walk in, without paying the fee. However, “dispersed camping” is not allowed, along the highway, on Forest Service lands. I did some Google Maps researching and found this old road off the State Highway. It was rough and steep but, I somehow found this gem of a spot to camp at, far above the coastline. You can see some drought stress in these forests, as well, with some of those redwood trees a bit yellowish. The oaks are also looking quite ragged, maybe reaching the end of their lifespans.


After finding this spot, it freed me up to go explore further southward, almost to San Simeon. I wanted to spend more time near Jade Cove but, I really wanted to be back up in camp, before the fog came in. Yes, the sunset was quite nice.



3 thoughts on “Los Padres National Forest”

  1. Beautiful images of a beautiful piece of country. As a Monterey Union High School senior, I backpacked it during the spring break of 1961.

  2. You do get around, Larry. I made it past the first big bridge on 1 30 some years ago while on a bike extravaganza, but after a bad hot dog at a stand around there where I got some other really expensive gas, I turned around for civilization — with a few roadside quick stops.
    Are you heading for the Lost Coast next?


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