Forest Service Makes Forbes America’s Best Employers

Cocktail_aTwo items on Facebook this morning. First that the National Archives has a region 8 engineering drawing of’s the link. Dated 1974.

Apparently the Forest Service is #60 out of 503 (from the Forest Service employees’ Facebook page) Couldn’t find the criteria easily. Here’s the link.

1 thought on “Forest Service Makes Forbes America’s Best Employers”

  1. The Forbes’ criteria are a bit tough to find: “The survey was conducted with global digital data collection partners who use innovative technology and proven sampling methodologies to facilitate a deep understanding of consumer opinions and behavior.” Forbes claims to have sampled 20,000 employees at 1,100 employers, which averages 18 employees per company. However, Forbes makes no representation that 18 employees per company were sampled. One hopes that at least one employee per company responded to the on-line survey.

    Forbes’ survey is all about marketing Forbes. Hard to take it seriously for anything else.


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