Tired of what this site has become

When lies go unchallenged and my postings are edited, this site has become hostile to even simple truths. With the deep pockets of the Forest Service and the timber industry, they don’t need someone like me defending the middle ground and pointing out lies (even though I was the only person in the world to prove that Hanson continues to lie). I’m disabled, jobless and homeless. It seems time for me to become selfish and work towards getting some sort of government assistance.

My pictures can still be viewed at www.facebook.com/LarrryHarrellFotoware  LurkMode=/ON

5 thoughts on “Tired of what this site has become”

  1. Editing comments/content is a long slippery slope. Anonymous commenting always invites rude and malicious behavior under the guise of being able to freely to speak ones mind.

    On the other hand, explicit comments by the author first and foremost befall the character and reputation of the individual.

    While there is no need for unprofessional comments, even when a strong unvarnished response is in order, I usually fall on the side of unedited (free speech).

  2. For the record, as one of the moderators of this blog, I have no clue what Larry’s “my postings are edited” claim is all about.

  3. Larry, I have never edited a posting (though I have edited one or two of my own posts to fix typos of broken links), and have never blocked a post. And I don’t know that any other moderator has done so. Please tell me what posts were altered. If you prefer, reply to Sharon or me privately, SWilent@gmail.com.

  4. hey Larry, hope you stick around (and of course unedited). Having myself recently joined the ranks of disabled (100% according to the VA) and jobless (imminent), I appreciate the company ­čÖé (plus you obviously know your trees) -Guy


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