Utah to sue to get federal lands

Or at least they’ve set aside the money to pay for it (the lawsuit, not the land).  So what are they waiting for?  Maybe they are hoping a Trump administration would make it unnecessary?

(Some of you would probably also like Heartland’s take on forest fires.  “But now, the Department of the Interior misinforms us, ‘climate change is making it worse. Wildfire seasons are now hotter, drier and longer than in the past.’ Sure they are. Wanna buy a bridge?”)

2 thoughts on “Utah to sue to get federal lands”

  1. This is probably one of the most devastating proposals we could consider at this time! I do not argue that states may realize more monetary returns from state managed public lands than federal management returns, however, states are not recognized for the quality of management they preform! Another question is how long will these lands remain in state public ownership?
    We are facing a number of major environmental issues in the next 50 years relating to the limitation of available resources Earth can provide and deforestation ranks near the top. We have already destroyed over half of the forest cover that once existed on our planet. By 2050, our world population will be pushing 10 BILLION people. Our young people today will see the end of the fossil fuel energy source within the next 50 years. Today each individual here in the US requires 20 acres of land to produce the energy and products required to sustain our current affluent life style, yet there is less than 4 acres available for each person living on our planet. If our Western Culture continues it’s greedy demands for wealth and affluence, we will soon create an environment unable to support our human species.
    Our natural world can not recover without help, which means major changes in our goals for managing our remaining forested lands. The truth is, neither State nor Federal forest land managing agencies are prepared to properly manage our remaining forested lands in the future, without significant change in the intensity and philosophy of forest land management. We will need to pool our resources at the federal level to be able to make and finance the required changes. WHAT WE DO TO OUR FORESTS, WE DO TO OURSELVES!

  2. I meant to include the Republican platform plank on divesting public lands, as quoted by Heartland:
    “Congress shall immediately pass universal legislation providing for a timely and orderly mechanism requiring the federal government to convey certain federally controlled public lands to states,”
    I guess “certain” leaves some maneuvering room, but they are rhetorically taking sides.


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