2 thoughts on “Collaborative ‘umbrella’ organization in MT”

  1. The group described in the article appears to just be a re-branding and re-naming of the Montana Forest Restoration Committee. See: https://montanaforestcollaboration.org/home/about/

    My organization, the WildWest Institute, was one of the founders of the Montana Forest Restoration Committee. In fact, our ecosystem defense director at the time, Jeff Juel, played a key role in writing the MT Forest Restoration Committee 13 Principles. Unfortunately, those 13 Principles have not been correctly applied to many ‘collaborative’ logging projects.

    Also, WildWest Institute’s Jake Kreilick, served on the MFRC for a number of years and also was chair (or co-chair) of the Lolo Restoration Committee for about the past 4 or 5 years. The Lolo Restoration Committee is aligned with the MFRC.

    Honestly, seems to me this ‘new’ Montana Forest Collaboration Network, is just a name change and re-branding of the Montana Forest Restoration Committee.

  2. It’s true. Montana Forest Restoration Committee (MFRC) is no more.
    Now called the Montana Forest Collaboration Network (MFCN)


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