Trump Reportedly Wants to Clearcut Giant Sequoias

As per the Sierra Club

“Logging companies are lying in wait, chainsaws ready, for Trump to chop the protections of Giant Sequoia National Monument.

Don’t let Trump give loggers free reign to fell majestic trees. Become a monthly donor to save this precious ecosystem: ”

Leave no funding opportunity left unexploited!

4 thoughts on “Trump Reportedly Wants to Clearcut Giant Sequoias”

    • There’s good and bad. There’s also a mill monopoly in many parts of the Sierra Nevada. We definitely need more “pace and scale” to what is still allowed. However, there are multiple barriers to doing more acres, and there is no political will to expand government, to accomplish those goals. I liked what you wrote on your blog. We need to do more and we can do more. We just won’t do more until Congress fixes all those problems. Hey, we’ve already lost this summer, regarding bark beetle salvage.

  1. The correct answer to AFRC’s question is “A and B only.” A fundraising request is a fundraising request. It’s not news, and AFRC’s general counsel is guilty of blogging fake news by calling it that. But maybe he was fundraising, too? We can talk about whether trumping up stories to help with fundraising is a bad idea, but let’s admit that everyone does it.

    • It IS a statement that simply isn’t true. There is quite a wide array of false ‘beliefs’ regarding the Giant Sequoia National Monument. It seems many of their supporters on Facebook confuse redwoods with sequoias, are ignorant of current policies and protections, think that sequoias will be made into wood products and sold at lucrative prices, are convinced that oil companies want to drill beneath the sequoias, believe that all 300,000 acres of the Monument are rare sequoias, and, finally, some think that 3000 year old trees will be exported to China. The Sierra Club is basking in all that ignorance, in pursuit of more dollars.

      I guess the real question is; Should we continue to ban thinning projects. with reduced prescribed fires, in the 300 square miles of the Monument that do not have sequoias in them? (The other 200 square miles (groves and buffers) would stay within the Monument)


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