Live Debate: Can Logging Forests for Biomass Prevent Wildfire?

Join The Biomass Monitor on Wednesday, August 16 at 8 PM Eastern (5 PM Pacific) as they host a debate between Dr. Chad Hanson, Director and Principal Ecologist for the John Muir Project and Marcus Kauffman, Biomass Resource Specialist for the Oregon Department of Forestry, over the effectiveness of cutting trees in backcountry forests to limit the spread and intensity of wildfire.

RSVP and email for the call-in number and code to listen in and participate in Q&A.

4 thoughts on “Live Debate: Can Logging Forests for Biomass Prevent Wildfire?”

  1. I would like to attend. I am environmental coordinator with the Forest Service. This would be a very valuable discussion to hear.

  2. Live Debate: Can Logging Some Forests for Some Biomass Reduce Wildfire Impacts in a Human-Dominated Landscape?

    There, that is what the title should be, because it is not all about textbook ecology and the worship of ‘natural’ succession.

    • Thanks for that important contribution Larry. I assume since you spend the majority of your time on this blog bad mouthing Dr. Chad Hanson that you are signed up and ready to participate in the live debate, right Larry?

      • I am poor and do not have phone service. You know I would, if I could. “Frame of Reference” is an important concept in Physics…. and should be applied to our National Forests, as well. (Yes, I know its hard to analyze all that but, necessary, in my humble opinion.)


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