A Round-up of Interesting Things- And Spring Break

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I’m heading out for Spring Break tomorrow for a week. I’ll be checking email if something comes up.

I thought I’d share a sample of interesting stories that I’ve come across that don’t lend themselves necessarily to discussion, but seem interesting.

Fifty Years of Wildland Fire Science in Canada.

Fifty Years of Fire Science in Canada. Shout out to Bill Gabbert of Wildland Fire Today fpr this link and highlighting some of the findings.

A group of nine land managers and researchers in Canada have put together a compendium highlighting the country’s accomplishments in wildland fire science over the last 50 years. Information in the 296 pages plus more than 300 references covers five key developments and contributions:

The creation of the Canadian Forest Fire Danger Rating System;
The relationships between wildland fire and weather, climate, and climate change;
Fire ecology;
Operational decision support; and,
Wildland fire management.
There is also a case study about the evolution of wildland fire management in Banff National Park.


Ferrets Cloned

Interesting things about BFF’s.. population was down to less than 18 apparently. Remember when folks thought less than 30 would cause extinction? Apparently (some) mammals do OK with surprisingly little genetic diversity, which is good news for those who work with endangered mammal species.
Pronghorns, deer and fences

Social Science Around Prescribed Fire

Katie McGrath Novak’s work is here. She may do a Smoke Wire post on her thesis which looked at what happens to attitudes after a prescribed fire escapes.

What Can 501c3’s Do?

The Nature Conservancy sent me an email that sounded like asking folks to lobby Congress. I wondered where the line was in terms of tax-exempt status for 501c3’s. Colleagues at TNC (thank you!) sent me the link to this document which shows what they can and can’t do. Holy Smoke! It only took me a couple of pages to learn that I wasn’t as curious as I had thought. Maybe others would like to know about this. I’m assuming staff of 501c3’s already know this.

That’s it for now! See you all in a week.

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