FS Klamath Timber Sale Threatens Old-Growth Forest

I just ran across this action alert from the Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center:

Sometimes the Forest Service just can’t let go of a bad idea. For years timber planners on the Salmon/Scott River District of the Klamath National Forest in California have wanted to log the native forests at the “Little Cronan” timber sale.

This is about the worst place possible for a timber sale- Currently these old-growth forests provide spotted owl habitat and riparian reserves near the Wild and Scenic eligible North Fork Salmon River. Further, the US Fish and Wildlife Service has proposed the area as “critical” for the protection and recovery of spotted owls.

The Forest Service is proposing to build log landings and designate bulldozer skid trails in this Key Watershed for salmon recovery and even hopes to open-up “riparian reserves” for logging.

At a time when many communities are coming together to embrace restoration forestry, why return to the dark ages of riparian old-growth logging in a Key Watershed for at-risk species?

Take action here and let the Forest Service know how you feel.