International Women’s Day: Women’s Work – Collaboration and Peace-Seeking?

When I was working for the Forest Service as the Region 2 Planning Director, one of my favorite parts of the job was reviewing the Regional Forester’s Honor Awards. Awardees, both internal and external, came from all over the Region; the entertainment was superb (Dave Steinke videos) and a good time was had by all. … Read more

Fueling Collaboration – USFS Discussion Series

FYI, looks like an interesting series… Fueling Collaboration A series of interactive panel discussions designed to connect fire managers and researchers. Each discussion will be built on questions from the registered attendees. We’re working to bring people together to discuss, explore, and address the latest fire science and fire management issues across the eastern United … Read more

Missoula Forest Collaboration Roundtable

Montana Public Radio collected some interesting perspectives. What collaboration looks like to what some would consider a “far-right politician:” “We were thrilled to have the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation with us today, that is exclusively focused on habitat restoration for elk and sportsmen. We want to continue to have all voices at the table,” Gianforte … Read more

Colville National Forest Plan is a Public Disgrace: 17 Years of Collaboration is Ignored

The following press release was issued by the Republic, Washington-based Kettle Range Conservation Group on October 23, 2019. It can be viewed here. For Immediate Release: October 23, 2019 Colville National Forest Plan is a Public Disgrace: 17 Years of Collaboration is Ignored On October 21, U.S. Forest Service Regional Forester Glen Casamassa signed the … Read more

The Sage Grouse Story:III. Lessons Learned From Collaboration

Aspects of the sage grouse story are fairly commonly observed at a more local scale. This is one topic on which I hope Peter Williams will lend his wisdom. What happens when you establish a task force, get it going, support it, and then change the ultimate decision? Is there a “trust envelope” that political … Read more

Mediation, Arbitration and Collaboration in Natural Resource Decisions: Guest Post by Peter Williams

Many of you may know Peter Williams from his work in the Forest Service on collaboration. Here is a link to what he is currently doing at the Partnership and Community Collaboration Academy. Thanks to him for writing this for our blog (at my request)! Quite a bit to think about here.. thanks again, Peter! … Read more

Idaho Collaboration: “Lawsuits and appeals are no longer what hold up timber projects. The problem instead is money”

A) A few excerpts from an 12/27/17 article describing a situation where local collaboration has, to date, prevailed over legal suits to stop the Pioneer Fire Salvage Plan. The battle isn’t over but the prospects look good. 1) “Loggers are racing wood-boring insects and decay to salvage as much timber as they can from the … Read more