Land Law Review- Ideas Wanted On Improving Planning I. Overview

We are working on a presentation for the University of Colorado Law School summer conference on the need for a new land law review commission. The conference program is located here.

Our group has been assigned Chapters 3, 4 and 13 of the document “One Third of the Nation’s Land” the report of the previous Land Law Review Commission in 1970. It can be found here. The recommendations from the chapters can be found in this summary of recommendations.

Here are the questions we were given:

1 ) Given the recommendations, to what extent have they been followed, and how the circumstances may have changed since 1970?

2) Specific questions

1. Should the agencies zone for dominant uses as recommended in the report?
2. What is working and not working about multiple use and sustained yield in the agency planning process?
3. In a sense, the PLLRC recommended adding environmental quality as a recognized multiple use along with timber, grazing, mining, recreation, etc. Should the agencies expand their traditional understanding of multiple use to include environmental quality and the full suite of ecosystem services provided by the environment?

In our conversations on this blog and at the planning rule roundtables, the concept of multiple use seldom comes up. I would be interested in your ideas as to why that is the case, as well as your responses to the other questions.