2 thoughts on “Planning Rule Meetings Anticipated for March and April”

  1. When I saw this notice I thought of “We Won’t Be Fooled Again” by The Who. (Lyrics here). It will prove “interesting” as in the Chinese Curse, or insane as in “Doing the same things over and over again, and expecting different results.”

    I wonder how THEY will stage the meetings, and frame the issue? What THEY expect? And why (or whether) THEY will expect to do anything beyond spend stimulus money?

    Incidentally, who are THEY? Who is steering the “planning rule” bus? Ostensibly it is Secretary of the Dept. of Agriculture. But we all know that ain’t so. And it’s likely not really even an Undersecretary. Finally, who is leading the effort for the FS? Is anyone really in charge, or is everyone delegating as fast as possible, so that when scapegoats are needed they will be found among staffers?

  2. Dave- when you post things with lyrics on the weekend, it’s dangerous as I am off doing errands listening to the Broadway channel on the radio. So here is my response:

    Planning is Nobody’s Favorite Thing
    (to the tune of “My Favorite Things” from the Sound of Music)
    (Note: You have to pronounce NFMA as “Nifma” for this to work)

    NFMA is ancient and focused on timber
    We want a forest resilient and limber
    Plans can be useless or a helpful tool
    That’s why we’re starting a new planning rule…

    Biomass and beetles and climate that’s changing
    Wildlife and plants with their pops rearranging
    Collaboration on all this and more
    That’s what a new planning rule will be for

    So we’ve been here
    So we’ve done this
    Planning’s still not OK
    A new rule may fix things or maybe it won’t
    There’s really no other way!


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