Responses to the NOI- From the WISE blog

I hope all of us will post responses to the NOI for the planning rule that we find interesting. Frankly, we all are a bit overwhelmed at this point (some people have sent me copies of theirs, plus we will all be able to access the comments when they are published on the FS website). I hope to pull out interesting ideas from them and discuss them here, but for now I only have time to post and hopefully someone else will pull out the ideas. All are welcome to post their own responses to the NOI directly on this blog.

John found various response letters linked on the WISE blog. Here’s the link.

Information on WISE, from Mike Dubrasich, the Executive Director:

The Western Institute for Study of the Environment is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and a collaboration of environmental scientists, resource professionals and practitioners, and the interested public.

Our mission is to further advancements in knowledge and environmental stewardship across a spectrum of related environmental disciplines and professions. We are ready, willing, and able to teach good stewardship and caring for the land.

W.I.S.E. provides a free, on-line set of post-graduate courses in environmental studies, currently fifty Topics in eight Colloquia, each containing book and article reviews, original papers, and essays. In addition, we present three Commentary sub-sites, a news clipping sub-site, and a fire tracking sub-site. Reviews and original articles are archived in our Library.

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  1. W.I.S.E Executive Director Mike Dubrasich seems innocuous enough on his blogs, SOS Forests and WISE, but he tends toward abuse sometimes, particularly in private emails — sometimes too when he begins commentary on other blogs. I believe he was the only one I ever banned from comments, other than outright “spammers”, on our Forest Policy-Practice blog. Here and here is how he acted over at DEMARCATED LANDSCAPES back in 2007. Maybe Mike will be more civil in interacting with folks here.


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