Grasslands- the Sometimes Underappreciated Forest Service Places

here’s an article about the importance of grasslands.

Name that Grassland Contest: Guess which grassland this is? Winner gets to have a photo of their favorite grassland posted as a sidebar on this blog for a month. If you are shy, send your entries to [email protected] under an assumed name.

3 thoughts on “Grasslands- the Sometimes Underappreciated Forest Service Places”

  1. congratulations! We have a winner, Mike D. You get extra points for spelling it correctly. Two of my favorite places to visit there are the Hudson-Meng bone beds and the Toadstools. Let me know your favorite grassland and whether you have your own photo of it or if you need me to find one.

  2. You’ve been to Hudson-Meng!! Talk about the sticks. I love the Pine Ridge and Fort Robinson/Crawford. Did you stop for drinks in Ardmore? Now who here can say they’ve been to the Nebraska National Forest?


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