The Rating Feature

Dave Iverson has suggested we experiment with using the like or dislike feature on this blog. This should help us get a sense of what some of you quiet readers are thinking.

Also, I set it up “like and dislike” for comments and for pages, so you can tell us if you like Andy’s KISS proposal, or other potential proposals we might place as a page.

So now there are two more elements on the sidebar- most frequently viewed posts (in the last 48 hours) and the highest rated posts and comments (not sure about timeframe).

Since this is an experiment, please write me if you don’t like the idea of using “like-dislike”- send an email to [email protected]. Or I guess you could simply rate this post..

3 thoughts on “The Rating Feature”

  1. I think that in order for the rating feature to have some meaning, we need to set up some groundrules for using the feature. I propose that one must not “vote” for their own postings. I have refrained from that practice in the spirit of sincerity and respect for others. I also propose that any kneejerk no “votes” against other posters not happen. It would be best for all if we rated the message, and not the messenger. Finally, can we agree that readers get only one “vote” per entry?

    It’s the adult thing to do, methinks.

    • Foto- I think Dave thought the voting things could help people participate who were unwilling to write a comment. Another alternative would be to use the “likes” for posts but not for comments.

  2. The Wall Street Journal and Oregonlive (The Portland Oregonian online newspaper) both have voting features that don’t allow you to vote more than once on any one post, or to vote at all on your own entries.

    Both systems seem to be enhanced by reader participation — at the very least they indicate a general number of people who have actually read the posts, and their basic opinions as to what is being written.


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