Likes or Not? Check-in With Readers

Dave and Foto weighed in on the success of the experiment of “liking” comments. I was about to remove it . By “liking” or “not liking” this post, you can weigh in on whether you would like to see it continue.

Here’s Dave’s perspective:

I suspect that it is time to get rid of the “rating” feature here. I have not but “toyed” with it, but I cannot support a feature that allows one to rate one’s own comment/post, and I know this feature allows that. Neither can I support a rating feature that allows one to rate a post/comment each time one logs on to a blog, and I suspect that this one allows that. [Nope. Just tested it.]

Just my partisan perspective, early in the morning before coffee. I attach this comment to this post because I perceive more use of the feature to drive wedges between people here than on any other post so far.

And Foto’s

Actually, I have been surprised at how little the feature has been “gamed”. I applaud everyone who hasn’t had a kneejerk response to an individual’s every posting, like I have seen on other less progressive sites. If I don’t like the actual message, I’ll vote to dislike. If I do like it, I vote for it. Also, I have refrained from voting for my own postings, on principle, and I expect that others have followed that practice, as well. As Sharon quipped when this feature was enabled, one may not like the votes for one’s postings. It makes you maybe corral your comments to be civil and reduces partisan blather, from either side. I tend to think it is working, and could encourage more people to eventually post comments.

Again, I thank everyone for being adult and respectable (to most extents).

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