3 thoughts on “Ash Creek fire burns toward area proposed for logging to moderate fires”

  1. Anecdotal information is the least reliable form of scientific evidence. Equally relevant is all the places that were proposed for fuel treatment but fire is NOT burning toward them. “[T]he protection of one hectare of forest from wildfire required the treatment of 10 hectares, owing not to the low efficacy of treatment but rather to the rarity of severe wildfire event.” John L Campbell, Mark E Harmon, and Stephen R Mitchell. 2011. Can fuel-reduction treatments really increase forest carbon storage in the western US by reducing future fire emissions? Front Ecol Environ 2011; doi:10.1890/110057

  2. Once again, as I’ve done elsewhere on this blog, I need to point out the ridiculousness of using, as an example, a 160,000 acre fire that already burned through grass, trees, etc on various land ownerships and then finally, after the fire perimeter grows to 250 square miles, the fire burns through a proposed USFS logging project area to somehow prove Larry’s assertion (from another comment thread) that it’s very common for wildfires to burn through USFS project areas that were prepared, litigated, and then burned by wildfire. But if that’s the project you guys want to hang your hat on, go right ahead.


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