Thankful for Diverse and Healthy Habitats

Escape from the controversies, if even for a few minutes, to stare, and maybe be transported to this location. Fall was a welcome pleasure there.

From the Sumter National Forest, in the South Carolina “Piedmont”, in full resolution. Click on the picture and enjoy

2 thoughts on “Thankful for Diverse and Healthy Habitats”

  1. I am thankful for Matthew, who keeps me on my toes. I am thankful for David, who reminds me that even people who are different can agree on some things, often unpredictably. I am thankful for Derek, who takes the time to dig into raw information and analyze it.

    I am thankful for Larry and Mike and JZ and Ed and Bob for giving their experience, views and opinions. I am thankful for the gift of Gaia of this beautiful land that we all care so passionately about. I am also thankful for Larry and his incredible skill as a photographer, sharing with us this beauty.


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