Black Friday in the Sipsey: Photos from the Bankhead National Forest

As others have pointed out, often times the focus of this blog seems to inadvertently fall into the category of  National Forests in the western United States. Perhaps we just (mistakenly) view issues related to roadless areas, wildfire, old-growth and wildlife to be more western-centric?  Well, as we all know, the eastern U.S. is blessed with some remarkably diverse National Forests.

The morning after Thanksgiving, photographer Brandon Phillips and friends hiked off some turkey and stuffing by visiting a few of the special spots in Alabama’s Bankhead National Forest. Check out some of Phillips’ photographs from the trip here.   Phillips also has a blog “Down in the Hollow” about adventure, ecology and homesteading in the southern Appalachians.

2 thoughts on “Black Friday in the Sipsey: Photos from the Bankhead National Forest”

  1. In April 2000 we had the good fortune of attending a meeting on the Bankhead in this part of Alabama, and even visited some of these same pools, caves, etc. Beautiful water, tremendous diversity and remarkable human history in that area.


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