Webcast the NFMA Rule FACA Meetings


Albuquerque is great this time of year, but parenting obligations and limited travel budgets will keep me from attending the NFMA rule advisory committee meeting Feb. 22-24.

So I wrote to Tony Tooke, the committee’s designated federal official, asking if the committee’s meeting could be webcast. As some may recall, several of the meetings that led to the NFMA rule’s promulgation were webcast by the Forest Service.

Tony replied that the matter will be discussed. If you’d like to offer your 2 cents to that discussion, Tony’s email is [email protected].

5 thoughts on “Webcast the NFMA Rule FACA Meetings”

  1. Any updates on this idea of a webcast, or at least an audiocast? Seems like feeding the audio would be pretty easy, and if someone had an iPhone, they could put the whole thing on Ustream.

  2. I never heard back from Tony, nor the staff person involved. I did get a quick response from a member of the committee about whom to contact.

  3. Sharon, If you track down any more info on this please let us know. I’d like to see the notes from this. You have more time/persistence than some of us!


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