Planning Rule Directives Comments- New 15 Day Comment Period

I picked this up from the Teton Valley news here.

If you thought the 400 pages or more of directives were too daunting to review (and who didn’t, really?), you can now get pointed in a direction to check out certain parts, by the other comments in the reading room here...

I tried to check out Bill Imbergamo’s comments and it said that they were being checked for offensive content.. so you may not be able to see all of them. Or maybe it was just my computer?

I will also post on a few things on this blog, in addition to my ecological integrity posts, here here and here.

3 thoughts on “Planning Rule Directives Comments- New 15 Day Comment Period”

  1. I can’t wait to read what my old friends at the American Forest Resource Council said about the proposed directives, when the Forest Service lets me. That’s because AFRC’s comments have been given the dreaded label:

    Content that in some contexts can be offensive or threatening, or that may identify sensitive biological or cultural sites, is automatically flagged for human review prior to being posted on this web site. Most flagged comments are cleared for posting within a few days of being received.

    Wow! What could AFRC have said to piss off the Forest Service’s censors?

    • A birdie told me that Steve Brink’s are very similar to AFRC’s.. yet his were not flagged… the mystery deepens…

  2. Bill Imbergamo’s and the letter below that also had the same message. It’s probably that some poor human has to read them all before they can go up. Maybe someone can enlighten us as to how letters are flagged (computer program detects words?)?


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