Bitterroot National Forest logging delayed: Lumber mill has too much log inventory

According to today’s Missoulian newspaper, the logging slated to begin on the Bass Creek project of the Bitterroot National Forest in Montana has been delayed because Pyramid Mountain Lumber Company’s log yard is too full and they have too much inventory.

An unusually dry spring will keep an extremely popular recreation site open to the public a couple of weeks longer than planned this spring.

Pyramid Mountain Lumber Co. has pushed back the start of its logging operation at the Bass Creek Recreation Area to about June 1 because its log yard is fuller than expected this time of year.

“We didn’t anticipate this very dry spring weather,” said Gordy Sanders, Pyramid Lumber’s resource manager. “Our decision to delay the start of the logging operation has to do with the overall management of our log inventory.”

The drier-than-normal spring allowed Pyramid’s loggers and contractors to bring in more timber than their mill could accommodate.

So the mill’s log yard is full.

4 thoughts on “Bitterroot National Forest logging delayed: Lumber mill has too much log inventory”

  1. So? Seasonal fluctuations in log yard inventories are common.

    “Once we get started, we don’t intend to have any delays,” Sanders said. “We plan to move forward in a workman-like manner on the project to finish by early fall.”

  2. It’s pretty common to stockpile logs for “spring break up.” The couple months when it’s to muddy to get into the woods. Must not of had one this year. Some of the boys are probably bummed they didn’t get their “vacation”. “Go fishin” is what they used to tell us.


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