Kudos For West Fork Fire Information

When I was hunting for a photo for a post.. I decided to look at the West Fork fire (I was thinking of a map that would illustrate the interstices of wildland and development in the area).

Well, I went to Inciweb and found this link. Then I went to their blog here, and found this:

West Fork Fire Complex

Note: Due to high demand, our email account and Inciweb have become intermittently unresponsive. This blog is provided as an official alternate source of fire information.

I particularly liked the link to fire photos here.
Maybe that’s standard for a fire nowadays, but I hadn’t seen it. Maybe this will be news for other retirees. When I retired, blogs were a no-no. Good to see.

I did try to leave a nice “thank you” for the photos..but find doing so on Blogger way challenging. First you have to pick an identity, sign in and then pass a test that you are human which I usually fail a couple of times. Anyway, thank you!

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