The Series: CREATE: What Should Congress Do?


I’d like to start a discussion along the lines of CREATE (as you may or may not recall, “Conflict Resolution Effectiveness, Accountability and Transparency Enhancement”) for Forest Service projects and plans. Here and here are some previous posts.

We have some bills that are place-based. But the problem with these, to some, is that areas to be preserved are preserved, while areas agreed to be open to timber harvesting (these are where there is current timber industry) will still be open to exactly the same “Random Project Rejection by Groups with Lawyers” that they are today (and so clearly in the Colt Summit project). Doesn’t seem like a very good deal.

Then there are the O&C lands. Much is going on, but not sure how applicable all of it is to anywhere else. (People who know can chime in). Then there are trusts. For this series, I would like to focus on other ideas..and generate a great many different and possibly new ideas.

Everyone is welcome to post their own ideas, but for organization, if you have a new idea, submit it to me and I will post as a post. That way each idea will have its own string of comments. Make sense?

Let me know if you have questions.

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