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I am going to be testing different themes.. the point is to be able to use Jetpack comments so we get replies indented..if you want this to work I think you need to go to the bottom of the comment you are replying to and click on “reply.”

I appreciate feedback on these themes.. and anyone not design-challenged like me is welcome to volunteer to fiddle with colors, etc. Let me know… terraveritas at gmail dot com.

Also feedback on other improvements that could be done would be helpful.. especially if you are interested in exploring how to make them happen.

2 thoughts on “Theme Trial”

  1. Hi SHARON
    For a long time I need an honest opinion from your suscribers regarding a question Is there any interest in the forest industries a desire to increase the yield of lumber from small diameter logs,even if this technology is able to double the yield we have today
    I have a feeling that the industry has so many problems today that they have lost faith in increasing the yield and after the CURVE SAWING no real efforts have been made and we accept as final todays yields? Please when considering this possibilityplease think on be
    he following
    1) The sawmill industry is very old and even older is the first time a log was sawn,so maybe
    the new technology using modern devices to inspect the interior of a log before sawingit
    A rough calculation of the costs involved subsidized by govenment and Institutions is at least
    U$ 60 millions, shortly there is a Conference on the subject. How con we explain that?
    2) The sawmill industry is suffering from a misconception where the public feels we are murderes of the forest. To erase this feeling we have to come up with something really
    positive to change this feeling. Not only adults feel that way but also children
    3) Realize that with the technology I offer now you need only half of the forest volume to dothe same we are doing today ans is a tipical win-win situation because the public is favored with a lower price and so are the sawmillers that will increase the plrofit
    4) Last but not least we have the posibilty to decrease world warming maintain water and trap more CO2 Also this innovation will produce a completely new productthat sawmills will be able gto sell directly to the final users as a DIY SYSTEM

    Have I succeeded opening your eyes or else I am ready to hear your comments
    the more the better

    • Pablo – I believe that you are well aware of my thoughts on this subject as we have discussed at some length on the “Forest Management and Wood Sourcing” Linked-in site.


      I like the indentation and white on grey theme


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