Do You Like This Theme?

I do, and am tired of trying new ones. If anyone dislikes it, as they say, speak now or forever hold your peace. I like the greens and how the background isn’t bright. But I’m willing to listen to other opinions, and I could change this theme to blue if people prefer…

I am working on getting back to the titles of posts as references in the comments, but that seems to require learning CSS, which might take me a while.

7 thoughts on “Do You Like This Theme?”

  1. Hi Sharon – I think this theme is great! I haven’t seen them all, but I think this one is very fitting (and I know how frustrating constantly changing blog settings can be).

  2. Sharon: I like this format and I like that it lists more than 5 of the most recent posts. Once the Comment titles get fixed, should be good to go. The color scheme kind of reminds me of the USFS for some reason . . . which is good, too.


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