Preparing For Rim Fire Logging Litigation

The battle has begun!

The picture below was taken in April, within the Rim Fire, and shows how quickly the bearclover returns, after a fire. Even the manzanita and deer brush have difficulty when the bearclover is so entrenched. California Indians knew that old growth pine and bearclover were the best of their available land management outcomes. Those landscapes had great advantages for humans living in the mid elevations of the Sierra Nevada.


Deputy Stanislaus National Forest Supervisor Scott Tangenberg spoke before the Tuolumne County Supervisors this morning, and said the Forest Service has been contacted by several individuals, or groups, that will likely file litigation later this week.

Well, we all knew that was coming and who was opposing the project. While on the Rim Fire tour, and at the SAF meeting, it was funny to see the Forest Service tiptoeing their way around “those who shall not be named”. *smirk*

2 thoughts on “Preparing For Rim Fire Logging Litigation”

  1. Does anyone else see any ethical problems with the forest supervisor pressuring the local government officials? Kudos to the county supervisors who pushed back.

    • In this new legal landscape, I understand that others can join in with the Forest Service to support their project. If so, there shouldn’t be any reason why they can’t solicit support and allies. With the Record of Decision signed, there is no “without caveat” issue, in my mind. Anyone else think that way?


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