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Less than a week ago, I noticed that the Forest Service’s employee search engine had lost its email addresses. Employee phone numbers were still available to the public, but not their email addresses.

Lacking any email addresses to find out what was going on, I picked up my 20th century phone and started dialing. Found a nice lady in Portland’s public affairs office who said she’d look into it.

On Monday, the FS’s webmeister emailed me: “This appears to be something that got inadvertently omitted during a recent code change. We’re testing out a new Web Content Management System (Drupal) with our national headquarters site and have been making some improvements to how the html markup gets rendered by the application. It’s likely that the ‘email’ address field was accidently over-written during the course of these changes.” He said it would be fixed within a day or two.

It was and is fixed now.

It’s anecdotal data only, but I’ve seen several steps made recently that suggest the Forest Service is clawing its way up the “Best Places to Work” ladder. Keep up the good work! And thanks for the quick response, too.

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