Counties want into the Forest Service budget process

“Siskiyou supervisors want a say in national forest budget process.”

That would be collaborative, wouldn’t it?  As long as other interested parties are invited to the party, too.

3 thoughts on “Counties want into the Forest Service budget process”

  1. Great Idea. County Supervisors are elected and can speak for all of the residents and all of the interests in the county. This would begin to heal some deep wounds and would ,at last, allow the public to participate in the implementation of the plans that it has helped formulate (through the public involvement process). Another, more inclusive, action would be to allow the RACs to participate in forest budgeting.

    • Now, that is an interesting viewpoint, as far as the county commissioners (supervisors) representing ALL of the local interests. I can assure you that would not happen here in north Idaho.
      We all know that these budget decisions are made in D.C. with total, negative control by the Congress and their lobbyists. Inviting commissioners into this party would be a joke and a waste of time.
      Next foolish idea?


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