An ‘assist’ with collaboration on the Blue Mtns. revision

From an Oregon state representative:

“The overreaching heavy hand of government continues to pursue its stranglehold on the rural parts of the state, our way of life and our pursuit of happiness.”

Nothing helps like a politician inciting the mob.

2 thoughts on “An ‘assist’ with collaboration on the Blue Mtns. revision”

  1. Maybe the Representative should have had one his staff attend to see how overreaching the FS is with its proposal. Lobbing verbal grenades with no on site observation of the aftermath is one of the reasons voters conclude politicians are out of touch. If the shoe fits….

  2. The federal government controls most of the forest land in central/eastern Oregon. If the fed’s do not produce logs, the mills dependent on logs will have to look elsewhere. If the private lands cannot supply that demand, the mills close up shop. Thus, it follows that the 1000-lb. gorrilla’s forest policy becomes de facto policy for private lands as well.

    I was on a forest tour several years ago and met a landowner. He stated that his best market for his 120-yr. old pine was to chip the log and then barge it down river for export; i.e., there were no mills left within an economical haul distance. Another land owner had no local market and was trying to figure out how to generate the necessary cash flow to treat the fuels and lessen fire danger.


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