A Gentle Reminder About Civility

I looked back in the posts, and it looks like we haven’t had a civility post/reminder for a while. It’s something that there are plenty of gray areas and,I have to admit, it’s easy to get used to, and simply not see anymore or relax about – “hey we do pretty well on the whole, so..” As I said in the post from 2012 below, there are reasons for the unevenness in approving posts. So I want to both say “thanks to everyone who polices themselves!” and “let’s be careful”. We have lost folks due to their not appreciating that kind of environment. These people may have interesting and helpful things to contribute and be gentle souls we would like to spend time with. Anyway, here are some links to previous discussions on the topic…

Feedback Wanted on Blog Moderation

What If We Abstained from Generalization?

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