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As a residents of the western US, we live with fire. For the last few weeks, I’ve been living with smoke. I wanted to know where it was from.. air quality websites were not particularly helpful. I found this neat EPA app here. However, I’ve noticed that my area has smoke, but is not even close to being on the map.

Here’s current air quality but not by reason (i.e., not just smoke)

Here are some maps on Wildfire Today..also from NOAA but different..

Maybe someone among our readers can explain.. ??

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  1. Not sure how to explain inaccurate maps. I’m supposedly in a “light” smoke area according to one map and clear according to another, yet we have between 1/8 and 1/4 mile visibility. Air quality readings at the local level have us between 200- 250 for the last few days.

  2. Great question. In Cody, WY this week-end, and the smoke on Sunday has been the worst. Very smokey smelling and the visibility is very poor (difficult to see 15-20 miles to the local mountains and formations) early this morning and through the day. Smoke is coming from Idaho and MT is the local talk.

  3. Your furniture will continue to smell like a campfire, for weeks and weeks, unless you clean or ‘flavor’ them. I lived just a few dozens of miles from the Rim Fire. Several of us residents in the trailer park came down with some sort of respiratory sickness. There was no way to escape the smoke. Let’s hope the politicians hear about the misery and sickness the smoke has provided. We need more active management, more fuels reduction projects and more experienced ‘boots on the ground’.

  4. I have never seen it this smokey in our coastal valley.
    The 1/4 acre Chetco Bar fire is now over 140,000 acres and also burning in the Biscuit fire scar. I am wondering what kind of “forest” will be left. It was, before the fires, an incredible, diverse forest.
    I hope when FS fire administrators meet this winter they might consider changes to their procedures.


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