On Time and Under Budget

On September 1 31, the federal government’s fiscal year clock turned over from FY17 to 18. The numbers year-to-date are now in.

The Forest Service spent $1.75 billion of its regular $1.89 billion firefighting appropriation. No FLAME funds spent. No borrowing.

What? How is that possible? Turns out that when the boss says “we ain’t gonna borrow no more,” the can-do FS figures out how to get the job done.

Which is a good thing. Should there ever be another regular appropriation (the government is running on a continuing resolution, as it has seemingly forever), there may not be the “fire funding fix” that some western legislators covet. Hurricanes may stretch Congress’ tolerance for disaster funding to its max.

Will up-date after 9/31!

4 thoughts on “On Time and Under Budget”

  1. You’re a month too early, Andy. The federal fiscal year ends Sept. 31st. I’ll be curious to see how much this story changes in a month.

  2. Just think how much they could spend on prescribed fire, if they attacked and suppressed fires before they became project fires.
    But I will admit I’m surprised by the numbers even if they’re premature.


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