Blog Volunteer Wanted!

Have you ever wanted to contribute to the maintenance of this blog? Well… I could really use some help.
I get behind in posting the Litigation Weekly, and I realized it is a task that would be easy for someone else to do. I will email it to you, you run it through an OCR reader of some kind, and then copy and paste it to be a blog post. You would also upload the legal files. It takes me about 15 minutes per week.

The reason I was told by the FS that they couldn’t send the files in an easier to copy format (as they did formerly) is that someone copied and posted it somewhere but changed it, and someone in the FS got into trouble. As a veteran of many sizes, shapes and forms of “getting into trouble,” I am absolutely against that happening to anyone else unnecessarily. So part of this task is that you would have to promise not to change anything while copying the text of the Weekly. You would be free to comment – but in the comment boxes.

Now you might think that if the FS would just post Weeklies to the public, the “changed wording” would cease to be problem- because anyone could see for themselves what the right wording is. You might also think that changed words would be more of a problem if people like us, with the best intentions, have to run them through an optical character reader. These can be inaccurate. Don’t go down that rabbit trail! It will only lead to frustration and low morale. I think the right attitude is “just another hill to climb to provide valuable information on the workings of government to the citizen.”

If you think this might be fun, a learning experience, or just want to contribute something meaningful and popular to this blog community, please email me at terraveritas at gmail. I will provide such training as needed, and lavish amounts of appreciation.

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