New mountain top radio tower causes static

The Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest has gone a century (or however long it’s been since they invented radios) without radio service on some of its lands, but has decided that it needs it now, and that it requires the use of a mountain top with no development on it yet, and that there is no impact on the environment of doing that.  They say it technically fits a categorical exclusion because it involves less than 5 acres of land, and there are no extraordinary circumstances.  But it’s on the top of a pristine scenic mountain, and there is apparently an alternative location that is already developed?  And it sounds like it might require a forest plan amendment (meaning they told the public they intended to keep the mountain top pristine).  No wonder people are complaining.  It sounds like the kind of tone-deaf action that makes the agency look bad.  Do the EA; consider alternatives.

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