4 thoughts on “Sometimes it Doesn’t Take a Lawsuit”

  1. Andy.. I always learn valuable things from you.. good to know!

    “Alcohol use is implicated in about half of wilderness fatalities, yet the Forest Service has not
    proposed banning its consumption on national forests. See, Goodman T, Iserson KV, Strich H. Wilderness mortalities: a 13 year experience. “

  2. I still need a permit to view the Chetco Bar fire. I do not believe in closed access to public lands. There is always risk.

    • I agree, Bob.

      Convincing the Forest Service that wilderness means wild is low-hanging fruit. The Wilderness Act is dispositive on that point.

      Convincing line officers to re-open the rest of the backcountry is proving more difficult. Perhaps they don’t understand the discretionary function exemption in the Federal Tort Claims Act? Perhaps they think forest visitors are more trouble than they’re worth? Who knows. The FS ain’t talking.


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